1. What is an electronic cigarette?
An electronic cigarette is a new generation cigarette that is very similar to a regular tobacco cigarette in both appearance and feel.
Abroad, electronic cigarettes are called Electronic Nicotine Inhalators. And the process is called "steaming", not "smoking". It is important to distinguish between different processes. Electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with regular tobacco cigarettes, although they are reminiscent of the smoking process.
The e-cigarette consists of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a heating element, and a liquid capsule, with or without nicotine.
2. How does an electronic cigarette work?
The principle of operation of an electronic cigarette is simple. The micro-electronic device built into the battery gives an impulse to the heating element, which evaporates the liquid in the cartridge, which reacts with the air to turn it into water-based vapor.
The e-cigarette acts as an inhaler in which a nicotine (or nicotine-free) saturated aqueous solution evaporates and you inhale water-based vapors that are very reminiscent of the smoke of a traditional cigarette. It gives you a real smoking effect, in addition to the harmful tobacco smoke, which contains over 4,000 harmful chemical compounds including over 40 carcinogens (substances that are officially recognized as causing cancer and other very serious diseases).
3. Is the e-cigarette safe?
When buying an electronic cigarette, it is very important to choose the products of a well-known manufacturer, because only then will you be able to be sure that you have purchased a truly quality product.
The VOGUE, KangerTech, JoyeTech, Boluvaper, Aspire e-cigarettes we sell have undergone extensive toxicological studies that have not found any substances that cause cancer. This product is CE, RoHS and SGS certified, which means that the product is safe, tested and adapted to the European, United States and Asian markets. Although the e-cigarette does not contain all the harmful substances that are released during tobacco burning (over 4,000 harmful chemical compounds, of which over 40 are carcinogens), it cannot be called completely healthy because the solution in the cartridge is saturated with nicotine.
4. What is the composition of the cartridge solution?
The solution for the e-cigarette cartridge consists of: vegetable glycerin, propel glycol (your choice is a liquid without propelin glycol), natural flavors and, if desired, nicotine. When choosing an e-cigarette, be sure to use a lower or lower percentage of plant glycerin instead of propylene glycol in the cartridge solution.
5. Where does the smoke (vapor) of an electronic cigarette come from?
During the smoking of an electronic cigarette, a micro-electronic device built into the battery provides an impulse to the heating element, which evaporates the solution in the cartridge, and the solution reacts with the air to emit a thick water-based vapor.
6. Where can I steam electronic cigarettes?
E-cigarettes emit environmentally harmful water-based fumes. Therefore, e-cigarettes are not subject to restrictions on tobacco products. You can smoke electronic cigarettes in any place you like: in a cafe, cinema, home, office, club, queuing, and so on.
7. What to look for when buying an electronic cigarette?
It is very important to pay attention to the manufacturer of the electronic cigarette. Because only large companies that have earned their reputation carry out thorough toxicological testing of e-cigarettes on all their products and release only inspected goods. It is logical that with the popularity of the product, more and more manufacturers are offering much cheaper products, but care must be taken. Inspections of such products often reveal extremely serious breaches - low-cost e-cigarettes very often contain elements of chemicals that are extremely dangerous to human health.
When buying an e-cigarette, you should pay attention to whether it has certificates and request them from the sellers. CE, RoHS and SGS certifications mean that the products are adapted to the markets of Europe, the United States and Asia.
It is no less important what materials are used in the cartridge solution. Some manufacturers use propylene glycol (a substance used in the cosmetics and inhaler industries) and others use vegetable glycerin (a substance extracted from vegetables and used in the food industry). Buy those cigarettes that contain a solution of plant glycerin or have a higher concentration than propelin glycol.
8. Why do e-cigarette prices differ?
The price of e-cigarettes is influenced by many factors.
Quality is, of course, the main criterion for determining the price of a product. Whether the product is of good quality or not can be judged from what certificates the product has (CE, RoHS and SGS certificates mean that the products are adapted to the markets of Europe, the United States and Asia).
Different manufacturers have different prices. Products from a well-known manufacturer are always a little more expensive, but also more reliable.
Also a very important factor is what materials are used in the manufacture of cartridge fluids. Some manufacturers use propylene glycol (a substance used in the inhaler and cosmetics industries), while others use vegetable glycerin (a substance extracted from vegetables and used in the food industry). Natural raw materials are more expensive.
Manufacturers of quality e-cigarettes regularly carry out toxicological research, which also affects the price of the product.
The distinctive appearance of a product has a direct bearing on price increases.
All these factors make up the price of the product, but without them the product loses its direct purpose - much less harmful "smoking".
9. What is an electronic cigarette for?
The electronic cigarette is a very versatile device. In particular, the e-cigarette is designed to protect those around you from extremely harmful second-hand smoke. The vapors emitted by e-cigarettes do not contain harmful substances that are part of regular cigarettes, so it can be smoked boldly even where smoking is prohibited.
The second is a great alternative to tobacco. The cartridge solution is made of: vegetable glycerin, water and, if desired, nicotine. Instead of harmful fumes, you inhale water vapor saturated with nicotine (or nicotine-free).
Third, it’s a great way to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking. The electronic cigarette was invented as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. With the help of an electronic cigarette, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine without spiritual suffering, and over time switch to the benicotine regimen and say no to smoking.
Fourthly, you avoid banning smoking in places where it is forbidden to smoke regular cigarettes (hotels, cafes, offices, queuing, etc.). Electronic cigarettes emit harmless water-based vapors. For this reason, e-cigarettes are not subject to restrictions on tobacco products.
And the fifth is stylish, so you not only vaporize and absorb the harmful substances found in regular cigarettes, do not harm others, you can quit smoking, or you vaporize comfortably without looking for places to smoke, but you also do it in STYLISH.
10. Do e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?
In 2003, Hun Lik, a 52-year-old pharmacist and inventor in Beijing, China, produced the first electronic cigarette aimed at offering people an alternative to traditional tobacco products.
Many people around the world share positive emotions about electronic cigarettes and tell their successful stories of how this device has helped them get rid of smoking.
Others say that although they have not been able to get rid of the habit, they are glad that it is now much healthier and does not harm others.
Nicotine replacement therapy: NPT
Various products have been developed that replace the nicotine produced through cigarettes. The nicotine replacement method helps cleanse your body of high doses of nicotine. This avoids by-products that enter the lungs along with the smoke: resins, gases and other hazardous elements. Using an e-cigarette does not experience psychological stress because it simulates the smoking process. This is good news for those who have experienced the consequences of quitting on their first attempts to quit. If you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning, this method will greatly increase your chances of successfully quitting.
11. What makes an e-cigarette better than a tobacco cigarette?
In particular, steaming an electronic cigarette is, according to practice, healthier than a regular tobacco cigarette. Nicotine is far from being the most harmful substance in tobacco products. The burning of tobacco products releases more than 4,000 hazardous chemicals, 60 of which are class A carcinogens (proven to cause cancer and other diseases). The vapors of electronic cigarettes do not contain chemicals that are formed during the burning of tobacco, they are free of carcinogens and resins. When smoking an electronic cigarette, nicotine-saturated water-based vapors are inhaled.
Electronic cigarettes do not emit a bad smell, so your clothes, home or car do not absorb unpleasant odors.
Smoking e-cigarettes is half the price of tobacco cigarettes.
You can smoke e-cigarettes even where smoking of regular cigarettes is strictly prohibited.
12. What are the disadvantages of an electronic cigarette?
It is difficult to list the negative features of this product, but as everywhere you search, you can find cons.
One such thing would be that this is a fairly new product and there is no well-established control system, which often leads to the appearance of substandard products on the market that contain harmful substances (so care must be taken in choosing this product).
Although it is an alternative to tobacco products, it should be understood that nicotine is not a vitamin and it acts as a stimulant and is addictive. And steaming this product is not recommended for you anyway, because there is a risk of starting to smoke.
13. Can e-cigarettes be smoked by anyone?
The electronic cigarette is intended for persons under 18 years of age and is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with heart disease.
As this measure is intended for smokers and is an alternative to tobacco products, it is also a measure that is much safer to protect others from second-hand smoke, so we do not recommend using it as a leisure or entertainment product. Electronic cigarettes are for smokers.
14. Is it cheaper to smoke electronic or regular tobacco cigarettes?
Over time, e-cigarettes are much cheaper. The calculation is very simple.
If you smoke one packet a day and pay an average of LTL 8 per packet, you will spend about LTL 3,000 a year on smoking.
When using an electronic cigarette, you need to buy an electronic cigarette, which costs about LTL 250. and buying liquids with an average of 10 Lt per bottle of 10ml (on average 10 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes). This means that you spend on average another LTL 511 annually, which is about LTL 761 in total. When maintaining an e-cigarette once a month, it is necessary to change the heating element, the average price of which is LTL 10. Thus, the total cost of an e-cigarette per year is only LTL 881.
Here's the calculation for you - you save more than double the money, you "smoke" a much better alternative, you protect those around you from passive smoking, there is no unpleasant smell, you smoke where you want, when you want - are you still considering?
15. How long does it take to deliver the goods?
Delivery time depends on the place of your order. If you order in Vilnius - you will receive the goods on the same day, if the order time in another city varies from 1 to 3 working days.
We only work with reliable courier services so that customers receive the goods as quickly as possible.
16. Do you offer free shipping?
We deliver electronic cigarettes free of charge throughout Lithuania.
LTL 10 is applied when purchasing electronic cigarette accessories separately. Delivery fee. If the amount of the accessories order exceeds LTL 100. free delivery.
17. How long is 1 capsule long?
One capsule is enough to add about 350 steam. One cartridge corresponds to approximately 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes.
To replace the cartridge, unscrew it from the fuser and screw in a new one, or refill with liquid.
18. How long does the battery last until it is completely discharged?
The traditional-looking charge of a lithium-ion battery in one electronic cigarette is enough to smoke about two capsules, i. 3-5 packets of tobacco cigarettes. Larger e-cigarette batteries are correspondingly uncharged for even longer. The more power available, the longer the battery life.
To replace a discharged battery, unscrew it from the heating element. Screw the charged spare battery into place and screw the discharged battery into the battery compartment.
19. How do I know if the battery is running low?
The battery indicator on your e-cigarette will flash when you smoke, informing you of the discharge.
20. How long does it take for the battery to fully charge?
A fully discharged battery, depending on its capacity, charges in one to three hours
21. What are the most popular flavors?
Everyone chooses the taste individually, but the most popular flavors are the usual flavors of cigarettes, tobacco, mint, cherries and vanilla. Coffee, chocolate flavors and various fruit flavors are also popular.
22. Which country's manufacturer is best to choose.
The electronic cigarette was invented in China there and this product is patented, so all rights belong to this country. Other countries create only their own brands, or specific details, although they often advertise themselves as manufacturers. The sole producer is China.
23. How long is the warranty?
We provide a 1-year warranty on Vogue, Kangertech, Joyetech electronic cigarette batteries and electronics.
24. Is it a fashion item?
Although e-cigarettes are much more attractive than regular tobacco cigarettes, and individual manufacturers are creating stylish models, this is not what fashion can be called, much less to be used as a style or decor item.
It is now fashionable not to smoke 🙂
25. How do e-cigarette models differ from each other?
There are several design styles for e-cigarettes:
1) PCC (Portable Charging Case) - e-cigarettes that are small in design, most reminiscent of regular cigarettes, and have a portable rechargeable battery (e.g. Vogue Style, Joyetech eRoll)
  Although PCC S was developed for women, it has also been a great success among men. Slim, stylish, multi-colored e-cigarettes attract the attention of those around you. Very common as a business gift.
2) Economical series electronic cigarettes are the engine of Vogue company. This is the best-selling product. They are slightly cheaper than the PCC series models. They are similar to regular tobacco cigarettes, but do not come with a portable rechargeable battery
3) eGO-style e-cigarettes produce extremely thick vapors and are the most common reusable e-cigarettes. They create a very real smoking feeling. There are most modifications of this style of e-cigarettes. The battery capacity varies and the functions available - adjustable voltage batteries, which allow you to personalize the evaporation process from low to extremely thick and abundant steam. They are simple to use and easy to maintain. In addition, different types of heaters can be combined with the batteries (depending on whether they feel hot or warm steam, etc.). The selection of these e-cigarettes is the largest in our catalog (eg Smart, Smart +, Ego novus, Ego start models).
4) One of the most successful e-cigarette products is Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. One disposable electronic cigarette is equivalent to 2-3 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. They are often used to try this product or on trips. They do not need to be loaded or refilled.
5) Fashion. There are two types of products that have led to a real revolution in the e-cigarette industry:
 a) Electronic modes (eg Joyetech eVic Supreme, Joetech eMode)
 b) Mechanical modes (eg Hcigar Nemesis, Hcigar King SS)
 The principles of use differ from each other - the former usually have a chip that allows you to adjust the evaporation sensation to the smallest detail - to adjust the supplied voltage, often to monitor your evaporation statistics and the condition of the battery. Each model has its own features, which are described in the operating instructions or on the manufacturer's website.
Mechanical modes are usually chosen by experienced vaporizers who want the e-cigarette to last a long time without crashing. These electronic cigarettes (mechanics based on this case) are combined with prefabricated heaters and produce extremely high quality thick and pleasant steam.
26. What is the difference between e-cigarette manufacturers?
When renovating an electronic cigarette, it is important to choose a well-known manufacturer, as this is a guarantee that the product will be of good quality and have the necessary certificates. Such companies constantly commission detailed research for their products and market only high quality products.
The popularity of the product is attracting more and more manufacturers who are selling electronic cigarettes much cheaper. However, such cigarettes should be avoided as they often contain chemical elements that are extremely hazardous to human health when tested.
Only a high-quality e-cigarette meets the meaning of this product - a much better and non-harmful alternative to the plague of 21st century tobacco.
27. How to maintain an electronic cigarette?
There are a few things to keep in mind for an e-cigarette to last as long as possible.
First, if the indicator (tip or button) of an electronic cigarette starts flashing, it is better not to use it, but to load it immediately. Do not store near magnets or electronic devices such as mobile phones. Humidity and sudden temperature jumps should also be avoided (it is better not to go to the sauna 🙂).
Second, this device loves cleanliness, so sometimes it is necessary to wipe both the battery and the heating element with a cloth. The cloth can be dipped in alcohol. Prolonged connections will improve steam production.
Third, make sure all parts are safe. Corrosion-affected batteries, spent heaters, etc. do not use, it is better to replace such parts with a healthy and clean part.
28. When do I need to replace a new e-cigarette battery?
Both the liquid capsule (with the time-replaced heating element) and the battery should be safe for about a year for safe daily use. The service life depends very much on the chosen model and the frequency of use, maintenance. These batteries are similar to cell phone batteries - often charging will take some time to discharge faster than a new battery. When a charged battery starts to discharge extremely quickly, you will need to purchase a new battery, which you will find in our store. Also, do not attempt to repair or otherwise replace the electronics of your electronic cigarette - rely on customer service personnel.
29. What is the difference between 1, 2 and 3 electronic cigarettes?
Part 1 e-cigarettes are disposable. A great option to try for beginners who are not yet convinced of the effectiveness of e-cigarettes or those who do not want to load and refill e-cigarettes.
The 2-part electronic cigarette consists of a combined nicotine cartridge and a heating element (cartomizer) and a battery.
The 3-part electronic cigarette consists of a nicotine cartridge, an atomizer and a separate battery.
30. How are electronic cigarette liquid capsules filled?
1. Refill a regular-looking cartridge:
The cartridges should first be removed by dripping 5-10 drops onto the cotton swab, covering the capsule and leaving to soak for 10 minutes.
Be warned that no more than 10-12 drops should be added when refilling the cartridges, as excess may enter the mouth during evaporation. One capsule can be refilled about 10 times (as long as the cotton ball is able to retain the nicotine fluid).
2. Liquid capsules for Ego-style e-cigarettes. The capsule must first be unscrewed (depending on the model, it may be unscrewed at the top or bottom) and the liquid should be instilled onto the side of the capsule without hitting the middle of the air supply. Drip about three-quarters of the liquid capacity, screw on the capsule and leave for a couple of minutes to soak the threads.
31. What is inside an electronic cigarette cartridge?
The e-cigarette cartridge contains a small roll of cotton wool saturated with nicotine solution. Nicotine is dissolved in a solution of edible glycerin (this substance causes a smoke effect when smoking). Nicotine solutions for capsule filling are available in various strengths: very high (18 mg / ml), high (14 mg / ml), medium (11 mg / ml) and low (9-6 mg / ml) or even nicotine-free (0 mg / ml). Various flavors are used to flavor the solution vapor: cigarette, mint, cherry, coffee and vanilla.
32. Why choose earomatas.lt?
We only sell certified e-cigarettes and only the highest rated products.
We sell world-renowned and customer loyalty KangerTech, Joyetech, Vision, Aspire, Vogue and more. electronic cigarettes.
We work directly with the manufacturer.
We value our customer and provide the highest level of service.
We have our stores in many major cities, so if you have a product failure or to purchase additional accessories for an e-cigarette, you will find us in a convenient location.
We offer the widest selection of electronic cigarettes and their accessories.
We are constantly updating our range, so you can choose from the latest products, you can follow the trends of electronic cigarettes.
We provide electronic cigarette repair services to our customers.
We care about the interests and health of the consumer, so the liquids in the e-cigarettes we sell are only tested and safe.
We provide a one-year warranty on the batteries and chargers of our products.
We provide consultations by phone.
We provide free delivery when buying from LTL 100, all over Lithuania.
We carry out a double order check - so your product will be checked.
We have all the goods in our warehouse, so you don't have to wait long for the goods.
33. Passive smoking what is it?
Studies have confirmed that exhaled tobacco smoke is harmful to those around them. Such forced breathing of polluted air is called passive smoking.
Although cigarette manufacturers claim that passive smoking is not harmful to human health, research has shown the opposite. Children are particularly sensitive to air pollution from smokers. If we do not want children's lung function to decline and their risk of cancer to increase, we must protect their environment from tobacco smoke.
34. Why is it worth quitting smoking?
After 20 minutes, great things start to happen:
After 20 minutes, pressure and heart rate return to normal;
After 8 hours, the amount of oxygen in the blood rises and the amount of carbon monoxide drops back to normal;
After 24 hours, the risk of myocardial infarction is significantly reduced;
After 48 hours - the sense of smell and taste improves.
After a period of 2 weeks to 3 months - improves blood circulation throughout the body and general physical condition, endurance;
After a period of 1 to 9 months - shortness of breath decreases, tiring cough and fatigue disappear;
After 1 year - the risk of developing ischemic heart disease is halved;
After 5 years, the risk of lung, mouth and throat cancer is halved; the risk of stroke is also reduced;
After 10 years, the risk of developing ischemic heart disease will be the same as that of a person of the same age who has never smoked;
After 15 years, the risk of developing lung cancer will be the same as for a person who has never smoked at the same age.
Abandoning this harmful habit before the age of 35 will lead to the same life expectancy as a person who has never smoked
35. Who needs certificates and what should they be?
Only certified e-cigarettes meet all the requirements and are truly safe.
The products we offer are CE, RoHS and SGS certified, which means that the products are safe, tested and adapted to the markets of Europe, the United States and Asia.
The earomatas.lt e-shop contains all certificates issued for electronic cigarettes and their parts.
36. What is the difference between 2 and 3 electronic cigarettes?
The 2-part electronic cigarette consists of a combined nicotine cartridge and a heating element (cartomizer) and a battery. Their advantage is that assembly is simpler, but the heating element is used disposable. For comparison, manufacturers use the example of using a disposable camera to photograph a wedding.
The 3-part electronic cigarette consists of a nicotine cartridge, an atomizer and a separate battery. This model uses a reusable heating element (atomizer). The manufacturers' descriptions describe it as being of higher quality and more powerful.
37. It is said that research has revealed facts about the health effects of e-cigarettes, is that true?
This type of research takes a very long time and costs a lot of money. At present, no country in the world has fully researched this product. However, many scientific studies, toxicological studies, scientific analyzes have been carried out, during which there were no grounds to claim the harm of this product.
For Consideration: The giant tobacco industry is commissioning research and articles to defend their interests. We have probably all read articles that tobacco is not harmful to health at all, let alone those around us. It makes you laugh, but that laughter in tears. It is therefore no secret why even a simple inhaler is poisoned and needs to be phased out, and tobacco cigarettes that emit toxic fumes (more than 4,000 harmful chemicals) need to be left on the market.
Abroad, electronic cigarettes are called Electronic Nicotine Inhalators. And the process is called "steaming", not "smoking". It is important to distinguish between different processes. Electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with regular tobacco cigarettes.
The only obvious thing is that e-cigarettes have significantly less harmful effects on human health than regular tobacco cigarettes.
38. It is said that the quality of all e-cigarettes is similar, only the brand names for which we pay differ, is that true?
In order to reduce the cost of e-cigarettes, some manufacturers use much cheaper raw materials that are harmful to health. In order to obtain a quality product, you need top-class raw materials, the price of which is much higher - all this makes up the price.
39. Are the fragrances used in the e-cigarette cartridge solution harmful?
Flavors are nutrient-based and completely safe for health they are produced on the basis of plant glycerin.
40. What is vegetable glycerin?
Glycerol (also known as glycerin).
Food additive: E422 in the European Union E-number list.
Glycerol is used in the food industry as a sweetener. In cooking, glycerol is used as a food additive to improve the consistency of confectionery, to increase the volume of baked bread. Glycerol slows down the flowering of bread products, making pasta less sticky.
Used in the production of tea, coffee extracts, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.
Fat is made up of fatty acids and glycerol. The characteristics of taste and odor, structure, melting point and nutritional value depend on the type of fatty acids present. Edible fats, which are solid or liquid, contain mixed fatty acids. For example, butter contains more than 29 different fatty acids. All fats, regardless of fatty acids, have a high energy value.
41. There are rumors about the ban on electronic cigarettes in Lithuania, does this mean that they will not be on the market soon?
This should not happen, but Lithuania is a land of miracles.
Many anti-smoking activists and the tobacco industry are pushing for e-cigarettes to be on the same list as traditional cigarettes, or even to be banned altogether. It is very unfortunate that those fighters are simply fighters, not people who objectively assess the situation.
Proponents of e-cigarettes argue that it is important to distinguish between a cigarette and an electronic nicotine inhaler. Electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with conventional tobacco cigarettes, although they are reminiscent of the smoking process, but do not have the same negative consequences for human health or the environment as regular tobacco products.
The only obvious thing is that e-cigarettes are becoming very popular, and more and more people are noticing the positive properties of e-cigarettes.
The concept of an electronic cigarette is simple - feel the pleasure of steaming and quit smoking